Review: WA Audio Liqueuer 8 Wire + Gin IEM Cables

*disclaimer: This sample was provided on loan for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. All opinions expressed are my own subjective findings.

Used with: 64 Audio U6, Custom Art FIBAE 3 and Inearz P350

Liqueur 8-Wire:

The liqueur 8-wire is a wonderfully built cable with a very even braid, it’s flexible and lightweight which makes it comfortable to use. All connectors are well relieved and have good connectors.

This cable is very very good, the lows are tight and well controlled and this cable is all about transparency and separation. The lows still extend easily, but they are less bloated and quicker. This is not to say that the sound is lean though, as this cable still has good body when called for. The midrange is very clear and transparent with finer details shining through with ease, there is added air and separation but still with the correct tonal balance. This cable will show up any harshness in the recording, the highs are well extended with excellent presentation. The highs are not emphasised but will show up bad recordings due to the transparent nature of this cable. The layering and separation of this cable are incredible, so much detail shines through but without sounding muddled or slow.

The Liqueur 8-Wire is a transparent and beautifully balanced sounding cable, where it excels is in the detail retrieval and separation. It is open and detailed without sounding thin. It has a slightly rich texture to it, and is a superb cable that will pair well with most IEM’s.

Silver with gold.

Gin is a 2 strand cable, twisted below the y-split and single strands above, it’s a very neat cable that is also flexible and easy to use. Once again we have excellent connectors that are well relieves and this cable looks great.

The Gin is similar to its sibling the Liqueur but is a little brighter with more focus on bringing out a slightly sharper edge of notes instead of the slightly smoother, softer sound of the Liqueur. Whilst Liqueur is smooth but very transparent, Gin is a bit more upfront and exciting. Lows are even tighter being very quick in response time, but there is slightly less body than with a stock cable. The midrange is also very airy and less warm, favouring detail over lushness. The highs are a little more up front but still not overly bright like some cables can be, cymbal taps and crashes are better defined with a crisper hit and decay. This means that cymbals now sound more realistic over the slightly fuzzy sound of most stock cables.

The Gin is a superb cable for the price, it is crisp and fast, with excellent detail and comfort. It does pair well with smoother to slightly warmer IEM’s, as it might be a little too much for brighter IEM’s due to its slightly drier tonality.