Review: Unique Melody Mentor V3 (Bags of fun!)

Firstly a big shout out to Unique Melody and Micah for making this tour possible.

*disclaimer: This sample was provided on loan for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. All opinions expressed are my own subjective findings.

Tech Specs:
·        Frequency Response Range : 20-30KHZ
·        Sensitivity : 108dB
·        Impedance : 22ohms
·        Driver Count : 12 Balanced Armature
·        Crossover : 4-way Passive
·        Driver Configuration : 4 low+2 lower mid+2 upper mid+4 high

Packaging, Build Quality and Accessories:
The Mentor V3 comes in a simple black box, branded with UM on the outside, lift off the lid and you'll find the carry case and accessories. Everything is held neatly in place with foam inserts, and everything is well protected. The unboxing experience is simple, but feels great nonetheless.

The Mentor V3 are impeccably finished, with expertly crafted shells and metal nozzles they sure are built to last. The 4-pin connector also screws into place neatly, and feels sturdy, the cables they come with are thick and have excellent strain relief, I see them lasting a long time. Overall the build is superb, providing you don't abuse them they should last you a long time; even the bass adjustment knobs are metal.

Accessory wise this demo set came with silicone and foam tips, along with a couple of cables, and a shiny metal carry case. The metal carry case is a nice touch, but it will surely get scratched very easily. Overall the kind of accessories you expect for this price point, with nothing missing.

Comfort and Isolation:
The Mentor V3 are big, and my ears are small. This means I had to use small foam tips to get them to fit properly, but once inserted they were comfortable as they are not too heavy. Overall I found them to be quite comfortable, but as my ears are small something a little smaller in size tends to fit better.

Isolation depends on the vent position, but it is fairly average and perfectly fine for daily use but you might want something that isolates a bit more if you are planning on using them in very noisy environments.

Split into the usual categories with a conclusion at the end.

This part is written with the bass ports closed.

Lows: The Mentor V3 is not a bass monster, but it does have a bit of a boost down low to keep things fun. The bass is a little more mid-bass centered to give them a little more kick; there is also a bit of focus on bass guitars too. They are also well extended, easily reaching into that nice rumbly sub-bass but always kept under control. The mid-bass has very impressive impact, and is backed up with plenty of body, yet it never becomes fatiguing of boomy. It can keep up with complex tracks with ease; I really enjoy metalcore breakdowns with the Mentor V3 as the bass really comes out when called for.

Mids: The Mentor V3s midrange is highly transparent, bringing out heaps of detail but never throwing it in your face. The midrange is well separated from the lows keeping it crystal clear, however again not fatiguing. The midrange is not exactly recessed, but the mid-bass seems to be the focus with these. Electric guitars are well defined in the soundstage with good power and crunch, and again these pick apart complex mixes with ease. I find the Mentor V3 to handle both male and female vocals evenly, Foo Fighters - Everlong sounds excellent, Lights - Follow You Down (acoustic) sounds equally impressive. With these more intimate tracks you can hear every little detail in the track, and you are transported to your own personal concert, it is like they are in the room with you. What I like about the midrange is its ability to come forward when called for, it allows it to be the focus when needed, but the overall signature is not mid-forward.

Highs: The highs on these have a small peak in the lower treble region, really bringing out cymbal crashes. The are smooth in the transition between mids and highs though, being free from sibilance. The highs are well presented and extended, I do not find them lacking, but the sound of the Mentor V3 definitely leans towards a fuller and more engaging sound. There is plenty of detail up top, and the timbre is spot on, it is so easy to tell the different parts of drum kits apart with these. The highs never get muddled when it comes to complex tracks; they are always there to bring out a bit of excitement in the music.

Bass Ports Open: the bass ports allow you to add an extra 4dB down low, this is mainly affects the sub-bass and I personally prefer the tighter and more controlled sound with the ports closed. I found the lows to lack a bit of focus when the ports are open, making them sound a tiny bit muddy. The only time I like the bass ports open is with more sub-bass oriented genres, and having the ability to adjust this is great.

Soundstage wise these are not huge, but what they do offer instead of a huge soundstage is impeccable imaging. Everything is pinpoint accurate, you can easily place instruments within the stage, and the separation between everything is superb.
During heavier rock tracks that I enjoy, they have the power to deliver a heavy wall of sound, but the technical ability to pick it apart should you wish.

Conclusion: It is hard to sum up the Mentor V3, they are not the most neutral headphones but they offer an engaging sound that is refreshing at this price point. Most TOTL IEM's aim for a more safe and neutral sound, but these want you to have fun and enjoy the music. The bass is slightly enhanced with plenty of impact, yet they are well controlled and only come out when asked to. The midrange is effortlessly transparent, and the highs are well extended and detailed without being bright. I highly recommend you listen to these, everything is there, they are technically, and sonically very impressive.

Sound Perfection Rating: 9/10 (TOTL in technicalities and heaps of fun)


  1. I love these headphones sleek design. I love going to the gym and these seem to be very good headphones for gym use. How do you think they would hold up in the gym?


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