Review: PLUSSOUND Exo Copper IEM Cable

*disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. All opinions expressed are my own subjective findings.

Used with: 64 Audio U6, Custom Art FIBAE 3 and Inearz P350

Type 6 Litz UPOCC Copper

Packaging, Build quality and Ergonomics:
The Exo comes in a nice black Plussound box with the company logo on the front, open this up and the cable is sealed in a plastic bag along with a business card and a couple of rubber amp straps. The packaging is more than just a standard bag with a cable in, and feels quite premium for the price. Well presented and very professional, great packaging here.

The Exo cable is superbly built with a very even braid, solid metal connectors and y-split with excellent strain relief on all parts. It feels like a very well built cable that will last a long time but also looks superb. There are no flaws whatsoever in the build.

This cable has no memory wire which to me is a plus, the heat shrink is angled so you know which way they go though. The cable is supple and very comfortable in use; the y-split is fairly big but lightweight. One thing that could be improved is the chin slider; it is not very tight and tends to slide down on its own. But overall the cable is the perfect balanced between cable thickness and ergonomics, being a little stiffer than the Effect Audio offerings. No cable noise was detected when using this cable.

The Exo Copper is one of Plussounds more affordable models, but don’t let this fool you. The cable uses litz copper and is one of the cleaner sounding copper cables out there. Firstly the soundstage is improved being wider and having more air between instruments, this also improves instrument separation and everything is a little more defined within the soundstage.

Bass tones are slightly fuller than most stock cables, digging deeper with better definition, one thing that stands out is kick drums are backed up with better body but there is no hint of bloat anywhere. The midrange gets an extra bit of air around instruments, increasing separation and everything sounds a little crisper. The highs are not boosted, instead just like the midrange they gain a bit of extra definition and air, extending with ease. This cable is slightly full bodied but with extra air and definition bringing out extra detail in your IEM’s.

So the Plussound Exo Copper is a slightly full sounding, but very detailed and open copper cable. It is not a full as the Atlas Zeno IEM, but provides better air and separation and it is not bright which means it pairs well with most IEM’s. I have been enjoying the Exo a lot with the Clear Tune VS-2 monitors.