Review: HiFiMan RE2000 (TOTL Single Dynamic Driver IEM)

Firstly I would like to thank Hifiman for this sample, I always try to write honest reviews. These have had well over 100hrs of burn-in, I have heard changes and recommend you burn them in fully.

Gear Used:
Audio Opus #2 > RE2000
Dell PC > Topping D30 > Topping A30 > RE2000
Hifiman MegaMini > RE2000

Tech Specs:
Frequency Response : 5Hz-20kHz
Impedance : 60Ω
Sensitivity : 103dB
Earphone Weight : 0.48oz (13.8g)
Cable Weight : 0.81oz (23g)
MSRP : $2000

Packaging, Build Quality and Accessories:
The RE2000 come in one hell of a luxury box, the box has an outer sleeve that says the model name, with a picture and basic specs on the back. Take the sleeve off and you have a wooden box that has a laminate coating on it, with a metal plate with the brand and model number on it. The box has a metal latch and metal hinges, once you open it you will find the accessories and the IEM’s are in the carry case. Underneath the main tray you will find additional tips and also an owner’s book which is a very elegant paperback book. The packaging is superb and the unboxing experience is first class, fitting for the price.

Build quality overall is good, there are some improvements that could be made though. Finally Hifiman have included detachable cables for their flagship IEM, it has the standard 2-pin connector and has recessed sockets for these. The housings are lightweight and made of metal, the gold may not appeal to all tastes but they are well finished and not cheap feeling. The stock cable is silver plated copper, with a sturdy right angled jack with good strain relief, a slim metal y-split and chin slider. Unfortunately the cables are lacking any strain relief on the 2-pin connector which lets them down a bit, however you can easily replace the cable. Even so for $2k I would have liked a better cable with better strain relief.

Accessory wise these come with bi-flange tips pre-fitted, and another 2 pairs, they also come with 2 pairs of triple-flange tips, and also 2 pairs of Comply foam tips. Also included are ear guides for the cable, and an extra set of 2-pin connectors if you want to make your own cable for them. The IEM’s come packed in a sturdy metal case that is padded on the inside and is the perfect size for transporting these. Overall a good amount of accessories, but a few more different types of tip would be welcome.

Comfort, Isolation, Cable Noise and Driver Flex:
The RE2000 have an odd shaped housing that is quite wide, however once fitted I did find them very comfortable for long listening sessions. With the stock tips I never got the most secure fit but the fit was good and I wasn’t worried about them falling out. All the edges are smooth on the housing, and again they are lightweight so don’t feel heavy in your ears, the cable is soft and goes over and behind the ear with ease and stays there. Maybe not perfect for sports, but for long listening and general use they are excellent.

Cable noise is not an issue, the cable is soft and goes over your ear eliminating any cable noise.

Isolation is only average on these, they have quite a large vent on them so they let some outside noise in, but do not leak badly. Fine for general use but not the best for noisy commutes.

Driver flex is not an issue, not once have I heard the drivers flex.

Split into the usual categories, with a conclusion at the end, the below is based on using the stock grey bi-flange tips.

Lows: Now this is what people want, and this is something that only a dynamic driver can deliver, smooth, dynamic and punchy lows that extend right down to 20hz, and come out to play when called for. The driver in these is extremely responsive, it can keep up with the fastest metalcore, yet put on a modern pop recording at it will pulsate and deliver exquisitely textured bass. Put on some jazz you can hear the body of the double bass reverberate and deliver such realistic tonality. The thing that is most impressive about these is how they morph depending on the track in question; they stay tight and controlled if needed yet warm and full when called for. The texture, layering and tonality cannot be matched by multi BA driver IEM's.

Midrange: The midrange is pure heaven, it is lush warm and inviting, yet at the same time it manages to be crystal clear and bring out the subtlest of detail. Again during busy tracks the layering is sublime, they sound more like a full size headphone with their layering and soundstage. I have been out and about listening to these and the mids just hit you sometimes with the way they portray the emotion in vocals (Slipknot – Vermillion Pt.2). Nothing is on top of each other, you have the vocals in the centre with the other instruments surrounding them sounding totally separate, they never sound congested.

Highs: The highs manage to be soft and non-fatiguing, but without loss of extension or air. They manage to extend effortlessly, and the definition is there, each different tap of a cymbal is easily heard, yet without peaks or harshness. They are also about right in presence, without taking a back seat, they just complete the whole sound perfectly. These are all about high definition sound in a smooth package, without sacrificing the finer details and emotion.

The soundstage is the largest in an IEM I have heard (except maybe the fully open Audeze iSine series). These offer real out of head experiences, and the soundstage has width, depth and height, very impressive.

The instrument separation is also very good with an airy soundstage and excellent layering everything is kept well separate.

Conclusion: Now these are $2000, and that is a lot of money, whether these are worth that is up to the person buying them. Looking at them you might not assume that they are worth the money, but just like the Final Piano Forte series, these offer a very unique sound for an IEM, especially one that seals and is good for on the go use. 

These are in all ways a TOTL IEM, the sound is dynamic, slightly warm, euphoric and emotional. I don’t recall any other IEM managing to evoke such emotional response from me whilst listening to certain tracks and the good thing is they play well with all genres.

So there you have it, I personally would never be able to afford these with my current job, but do I appreciate what these deliver, hell yes. The sheer dynamics of the sound, the tonality and realistic soundstage all come together to offer a natural sound that is not missing out in the technical aspects either.

These are not an IEM that impress upon first listen, they take time to appreciate.

Sound Perfection Rating - 9.5/10 (Tip selection could be better, and the cable needs strain relief)