Review: Atlas Cables Zeno IEM Cable

*disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. All opinions expressed are my own subjective findings.

Used with: 64 Audio U6, Custom Art FIBAE 3 and Inearz P350

OCC Copper, 3.5mm Single Ended Jack

Packaging, Build Quality and Ergonomics:
The Zeno IEM comes in a very nice Atlas cables box, on the side it has boxes for the relevant connectors, and they are hand crossed off showing the configuration of the cable inside. On the back you have some information about Atlas Cables and also the name of who made the cable, you can register the cable online for a 5 year warranty which is an added bonus. Inside the box you get a little manual about how to look after your cable, they also recommend cable burn-in and explain why.

The cable is very well built with solid connections on each end, a small metal y-split (no chin slider, but the split is quite high up compared to other cables), the bottom half is sleeved in fabric, my only issue is the branded heatshrink on the 3.5mm jack is long and stiff.

The ergonomics are good, the bottom sleeved section is flexible and soft, the 3.5mm jack is fairly big and has a large section of stiff heatshrink which on an IEM cable I would have preferred to be shorter, the top section of the cable is soft rubber, and the connectors do not have any memory wire. I prefer the cables to come out at an angle from the 2-pin connector as they fit behind your ear better this way, but adding a little heatshrink is very easy (as per the photos). Not quite as ergonomic as some of the softer, braided cables out there, but it’s still a very nice cable to use.

When I first listened I was not overly impressed, I thought it sounded a little bloated and compressed. Now I am not a huge believer in cable burn-in but I left the cable playing, and used the cable for a while too, and it has really grown on me, to the point it is possibly my favourite cable I have at the moment.

This is a very pure copper cable that does not aim to change the sound of your IEM’s in a big way like some silver cables do, what it does do however is offer a higher resolution sound with a wider less congested soundstage, tighter lows and airier sound. The mids come across with added clarity and layering; the highs whilst far from bright, gain a little extra detail.

This cable has no hint of any kind of artificial tone, it is very organic and natural providing more linear bass response, and a very wide and coherent sound, with excellent dynamics and control.

I would consider this cable to be a more neutral sounding cable with added resolution and a wider soundstage, the separation and air around instruments is increased and this cable will pair well with most IEM’s.


  1. Great article! I know it's been a while since this article was posted. What size heat shrink tubing was used. Should be getting these next week and will probably do the same thing.

  2. Just got the cable and isn't it beautiful! Same complaint, splitter is way to high! Yes they need burn, big difference from my Plussound cable bit I have faith that after the burn in they will sound great!


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