Review: Snugs Earphones (SoundMAGIC E10S + Snugs)

Firstly I have done a short review of Snugs before, but this time I thought I would do a more proper review, This sample was received from going to their press release in London for their new 3D scanner, getting custom sleeves is now easier than ever. Paul at Snugs provided a pair (along with the SoundMAGIC E10S) free of charge to everyone who went to the event, nevertheless I will try and write an honest review.

Gear Used:
iPod Classic 7G > E10S with Snugs tips

MSRP: £159/199 (without or with ear impressions)

Ear Impressions:
There are 2 ways of taking the impressions, you can go to a normal audiologist and get regular impressions taken, or Snugs now offer a 3D scanning option in certain cities. If you dislike your ears being filled with silicone, I suggest this option, it is quick and painless and is also very accurate, my tips were made from a 3D scan I had done at their press release.

Packaging, accessories and Tip quality:
The packaging is a simple Snugs branded box, made of thick and sturdy card. Inside this box you will find the snugs tips already on the E10S along with the E10S carry case and cable clip. You also get a small tube of Otoferm cream, which helps insertion for the first few times you use the tips.

Accessory wise you get the carry case that comes with the E10s and also the cream, for custom tips you don't need any other accessories, and as they are removable you don't need a wax cleaning tool, you also get a Snugs sticker.

The quality of the snugs tips is very good, the silicone is soft and never irritates my ears, the fit is spot on and they feel like they will last a long time if looked after. Silicone tips don't require a lot of maintenance, they suggest wiping them down with  a damp cloth after use, but do not recommend submerging them in any liquid. They also recommend not leaving them in direct sunlight.

Comfort and Isolation:
Well comfort is the main reason people buy custom tips, and these are very comfortable. The silicone seals very well and there is no internal pressure against your canals, so no reason to experience any discomfort. I find these to be just as comfortable as my full custom IEM's, and can wear these for a long period of time.

Isolation is another huge reason to get custom tips, if you are like me and struggles to get a good fit with normal silicone tips, these are the way to go. They are made to fit your ear perfectly, which leads to them creating a proper seal and thus isolating more outside noise, which means you'll get the best possible sound from your pair of IEM's.

Well another reason to go Custom is the sound improvement, of course silicone tips are not going to transform the sound of your headphones, but they will allow you to hear them as they should sound because you get a perfect seal.
No more thin lows due to an incorrect seal, you get the full experience where the lows punch hard and dig deep with ease, the mids are lush and engaging and the highs extend without harshness or sibilance.
The most common complaint about in-ears is lack of bass, and this is due to incorrect seal nearly every time, these give you a perfect seal every time, no hassle, so you know you are getting 100% of the sound quality you are supposed to be getting.

Conclusion, well if you really enjoy your IEM's and are thinking of keeping them for a long time, these are definitely worth considering, as they just make your listening sessions more comfortable, and also they isolate and give you a perfect seal over and over again. The deal they do with the E10s is also very good, the E10s are fantastic IEM's and probably in my opinion the best in the price range, and the complete package is perfect for people who are in to sports or just need the secure fit along with excellent isolation.

Sound Perfection Rating: 10/10 (I cannot fault them, they do what they say and bring a worthy improvement to any IEM)

Snugs will be at CanJam London 2015: