Review: SoundMAGIC E30

SoundMAGIC E30 review

I would like to thank for sending me this review pair for me to review, i will try and write as honest a review i can. enjoy:

Gear used in this review:

IPod Classic 7G 160 GB - SoundMAGIC E30

No EQ used.

- Driver: Dynamics 9mm Neodymium Driver
- Frequency range: 15Hz~22KHz
- DC Resistance: 12±10% Ω
- Sensitivity: 94±2 dB at 1KHz/mW
- Cable length: 1.2 m
- Connection: Stereo 3.5mm, I style Gold-planted plug
- Weight: 10 g

What's Included
- S, M, L Silicone Eartips
- Double Flange Silicone Eartips
- Cable Clip
- Travel pouch
- Ear Hooks

Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality:

Very nice sleek simple packaging from soundmagic here, white cardboard with a plastic window so you can see the E30's, you just slide them out the top and accessories are stored in a small box underneath. Nicely done.
These come with a cable shirt clip, ear hook, S,M and L single flange tips and a pair of bi-flanges, also included is a soft pleather pouch, a very good array of accessories from soundmagic.
The all plastic housing on these feels sturdy and should take some abuse, the cable is sufficiently thick, the jack and y-split are both metal and feel high quality, and the strain reliefs are just perfect. These should last a long time if you don't abuse them.

Comfort and Isolation:

The housing is very small, and once a good seal is achieved they are super comfy, you don't even feel them, also you can sleep with these on as they don't stick out, they sit very flush with your ears. isolation is fairly good, and is improved if using the bi-flanges.

Microphonics and Driver flex:

These suffer from neither of these problems, which is great.


Very detailed, well extended and punchy. These are not basshead IEM's, the lows are really great, fast, very detailed and they extend very well. No bleed nor warming of the mids, just good quality in a good quantity, quite balanced.

The mids are in just the right place, they sound detailed, they are not warm, some would say cold and slightly dry, just balanced with no sibilance to be detected. They do a great job of linking the lows and highs. They handle anything very well and i like my mids to blend well with all music.

Finally i have found a pair that has very good top end extension, I always encounter laid back highs, but these are brilliant, sparkling highs that extend way up, they are by no means bright, but they are just so detailed and make this IEM one of my favourites, more exciting than a normal dark, bassy pair.

Soundstage, Instrument separation and Imaging:
The soundstage is narrow but the is a real sense of airyness around the instruments, which i love. Instrument separation is some of the best i've heard at this price range, as there is that sense of airyness. Imaging is handle very well, and you get a real sense of where each instrument is coming from.

Balanced, non fatiguing, detailed but at the same time a fun sounding IEM. Great value for money if you don't want heaps of bass. i could quite easily be satisfied with this IEM's and for the price they are a real steal.

Tracks used:

Funeral For A Friend - Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings (apple lossless)

Bauhaus - Terror Couple Killed Colonel (apple lossless)

Black Uhuru - Utterance (apple lossless)

The Cure - Lovesong (apple lossless)

Eat Static - Survivors (apple lossless)

Eminem - When I'm Gone (apple lossless)

A Hero A Fake - Swallowed By The Sea (320kbps mp3)

Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line (320kbps mp3)

Lady Gaga - Starstruck (320kbps mp3)

Lights - Saviour (320kbps mp3)

The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix) (apple lossless)

Paramore - Misery Business (320kbps mp3)

The Scene Aesthetic - Beauty In The Breakdown (320kbps mp3)

Vivaldi - Spring-Allegro (apple lossless)

Hope you enjoyed


any comments are welcome.


  1. is this analaytical or balanced ? I seek analytical iem, Thanks

  2. Is that true that e30 soundstage is narrow ? but many buying page site review is large soundstage



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