Review: PlusSound Exo Gold Plated Silver

Firstly I would like to thank Christian at PlusSound for sending this sample.

*disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. All opinions expressed are my own subjective findings 

Gear Used:
iBasso DX200 Amp1 > Exo Gold Plated Silver > 64 Audio A6t / Custom Art FIBAE3

Packaging and Build Quality:
PlusSound have really upped their game when it comes to packaging their cables, the Exo GPS came in a lovely matte black both with branding on the outside and some info about the company and the materials used. It also has some handy tips on inserting your cables and looking after them, to help increase the life of the cable. Slide off the outer sleeve and you have another matte black box with a magnetic closing flap, open this up and you will be greeted by a sealed bag in which you will find your cable. This bag is placed on top of a bed of foam, and there is a small card box that holds the accessories next to it. The unboxing experience is excellent, and it definitely feels as premium as the cable itself.

The cables now come with some little accessories which is thoughtful, the Exo GPS came with an amp strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, cable band and an IEM cleaning tool. These are functional accessories, so I am happy they haven't included any unneccesary items.

Build quality really is impressive, the new metal strain reliefs look more professional than the heatshrink of old, along with everything being finished to a very high standard. The insulation changed last year and the cables are now more supple and comfortable to use, and now with the new connectors I cannot fault a single part of the construction of this cable.

Comfort and Aesthetics:
The new material used for the cables insulation is super soft, along with no memory wire means this cable is a pleasure to use. It also means these is very little cable noise, perfect for everyday use.

Aesthetically the Exo GPS is a lovely cable, the gold plating giving it a slight orange tint matched with the rose gold splitter and strain reliefs it sure looks good. Luckily PlusSound offer probably the most comprehensive customisation catalogue of any cable company, so you can tailor the looks to your taste.

Comparisons made against the stock cable, I mainly used this with my 64 Audio A6t monitors, but also paired it with the Custom Art FIBAE3. 

Upon first listen the Exo GPS doesn't jump out at you, but this is a good thing. The GPS adds a subtle lift in the upper treble which helps add a little bit of air and sense of space, and the lows are perfectly balanced with the rest of the sound with a touch more control. This added control down low helps the midrange become more defined and better separated. It also adds better resolution down low, helping layer the track more effectively. There is a degree of added texture to the lows, bringing out more natural tonality to instruments, along with a helping of effortless extension. Double bass tones sound incredible with perfect body and articulation.

The midrange is tighter and more defined, with more detailed edges to notes and overall they are more exciting. I feel a one of the key things you will notice is how things sound a little more vivid, almost as if the dynamic range has increased due to the better separation of the frequencies. Vocals do come across with an ever so slightly brighter tonality comparing to the stock cable of the A6t, however it does smooth out the transition into the treble reducing fatigue and sibilance. Vocals come across with a crystal clear quality, and the soundstage has increased. This keeps vocals centered whilst guitars are free to occupy a wider space around them.

The treble is not overly boosted, but does get a hint of injected sparkle. The main difference is that, whilst being a little more detailed the GPS gives your monitors a smooth and refined treble response. There is a lift in the upper treble which adds air and helps with extension, but the energy in the lower treble is kept well in check to prevent any brightness or fatigue inducing spikes.

The soundstage in increased a little, and what stands out is how each instrument sits more accurately within the defined stage rather than all occupying a rather central position.

The Exo GPS is an interesting cable, almost contradictory in the way it adds a little warmth and impact down low, yet a little added brightness in the midrange and a lift in the upper treble to aid extension. This cable will pair well with most neutral to warm monitors, and is superbly crafted and a pleasure to use.

Sound Perfection Rating: 9/10 (superbly built, excellent sound, expensive)