Review: Dunu DN-1000 (Dunu's new Flagship Triple Driver Hybrid IEM)

Firstly I would like to thank Rocky at Dunu for sending me this sample for review, I will write as honest a review possible. These received over 50hrs of burn-in, no big differences were noted.

Gear used:
IPod classic 160gb (rockboxed) > DN-1000 (red ring, small foam tips)
IPod classic 160gb (rockboxed) > DIY Copper LOD > Just Audio UHA 120Ds > DN-1000

Price: US$195

Specification: Type: Dynamic (10mm) Balanced Armature, 

Impedance 10 ohms, 
Frequency Response: 16Hz – 22KHz, 
Noise Attenuation: 26dB, 
Weight: 26g, 
Plug Size: 3.5mm, 
Cord Length: 1.2m.

Packaging, Accessories and Build quality;

Packaging is similar to other Dunu models, but this time the front is white not black. The front has an image of the DN-1000, the sides and back have information and specifications of the IEM.
As with other Dunu packaging, a black box slides out from the outer sleeve, which has a magnestised flap which opens to reveal the DN-1000 neatly placed in a velvet covered in tray with the metal case below. Under this in tray you will find an additional pleather pouch and all the supplied accessories,

Accessories are plenty as with other Dunu models. You get a metal carry case, a pleather carry pouch, 3 pairs of different coloured M foam tips, 1 pair of small black foam tips, 3 pairs of translucent black silicone tips (S, M, L), 3 pairs of clear silicone tips (S, M, L), 1 pair of L bi flanges, 2 pairs of each separation rings (4 silver, 4 blue and 4 red), an aeroplane adapter, ear hooks, cleaning cloth and also a 6.3 to 3.5mm adapter. Plenty of accessories included, no complaints here. (Missed out a few accessories in the picture)

Build quality is top notch as usual, metal housing which is a little on the heavy side, metal y-split and chin slider, well relieved cable with a 45° jack, and the cable is of good thickness. Very well built, and should last a long time if well looked after (DN-12 is still going after 2 years of occasional use)

Comfort, Isolation, Cable noise and Driver flex:
Comfort is good once you have found the right tips. I wear these with the cable over the ear with small foam tips and they are very comfortable despite their weight. The foam tips really help keep them in and comfortable. No complaints apart from the inside edge of the housing is a little sharp, this could be an issue for some.

Isolation greatly depends on tips, but with the foam tips, they isolate very well and would be fine for use on public transport. You could easily get run over by a car if you're not careful.

Cable noise is present when worn down, but can be reduced by using the chin slider or cable clip. Wearing them over the ear greatly reduces cable noise, and I never find it a problem.

Driver flex is not present, which is good.

Split in to the usual categories, I used small foam tips with red spacers. More on the spacers later.

Lows: well with the dynamic driver looking after these, you get great power and articulation, but not the best speed. These have very good sub-bass capabilities, with good punch as well. They punch hard when asked for, but are backed up with excellent body and separation. The lows are well controlled, but are not in neutral quantity, they are north of neutral but are not massively bassy or dark. Bass guitars are well separated from kick drums, and double bass is very full bodied. The dynamic driver really shines on these. Unfortunately they are not the fastest in attack or recovery, so when listening to really fast songs, the lows sometimes cannot keep up. But for most songs they are fine.

Mids: the mids are slightly forward on these, very lush and detailed. As the BA drivers kick in here, you can hear every detail and they are well separated from the lows. You cannot hear where they crossover, its all very whole sounding. I must say female vocals shine on these, you get so much detail but no harshness or sibilance. Very natural sounding mids. Acoustic music sounds superb, you have vocals and guitars separated, with full bodied lows and subtleties in the highs. Some of the best mids I've heard, comparing easily to more expensive models. Not as recessed as the T-Peos H-200, and also the H-200 was a little peaky. These are smooth and natural with great detail.

Highs: the highs are a little subdued compared to the lows and mids, but they are really precise and crisp. No splashiness or metallic harshness, the highs are well controlled but do sit a little behind the rest of the sound. I would like them to be a little more forward, but at least like this they are easy to listen to and cause no fatigue. With silicone tips, the lows are more pronounced but never become overwhelming or harsh. Cymbal crashes are precise with good decay, snare hits are fast and tight. Where the BA's shine is in clarity and speed.

Tip spacers, these come with different size spacers you put on the nozzle to regulate the distance of the tip and your ear canal, and also so you can get a deeper insertion. The red which is the biggest allows for a deeper insertion, but also tones down the mid bass a little. The silver is the smallest or you can also use none which makes them more suited for people who like a little extra bass. I found the lows to be perfect with the red spacers, still well present but more controlled and balanced.

Amping doesn't make a big difference, a little more space, detail and slightly more precise lows.

Soundstage is fairly large, but the mids are intimate. So the mids take centre stage with sounds coming in from around them, very good presentation IMO.
Instrument separation is great, but these don't have the most air between instruments. But everything is well separated.
Imaging is very convincing, as I mentioned earlier, the mids take centre stage and everything comes in from around them.

I am impressed with Dunu's new flagship model, I have had the H-200 hybrid, and while they were good I think these are better, and at a cheaper price. I find these to sound overall more natural and smooth but with just as much detail. Then Dunu has slightly fuller lows, and slightly more subdued highs. The H-200 has more air and better separation, but the mids and highs are a little peaky and are borderline bright in comparison, the H-200 also sounds a bit more detached between the lows and hgighs.
Again, another hybrid which brings the best of both worlds, blending them very well. They come with an array of a├žessories and great sound. All for less than $200, you get great smooth sound, with great build quality too. All round they are a winner.

Sound perfection rating: 8.5/10

Tracks Used:
Skrillex – First Of The Year (Equinox) (320kbps MP3)
Paramore – Franklin (320kbps MP3)
Diana Krall – The Girl In The Other Room (FLAC)
Deolinda – Passou Por Mim E Sorriu (live) (ALAC)
Suicide Silence – Unanswered (FLAC)
Massive Attack – Angel (ALAC)
Eat Static – Dzhopa Dream (ALAC)
The XX – Crystalised (FLAC)
Funeral For A Friend – Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings (ALAC)
Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man (FLAC)
The Scene Aesthetic – Humans (259kbps MP3)
A Hero A Fake – Swallowed By The Sea (254kbps MP3)
Vivaldi – The Four Seasons, Spring Allegro (ALAC)
Johnny Craig – Children Of Divorce (161kbps MP3)
Deadmau5 + Kaskade – I Remember (Caspa Remix) (320kbps MP3)
Black Uhuru – Utterance (ALAC)
We Are The In Crowd – Never Be What You Want (226kbps MP3)
Silverstein – Discovering The Waterfront (320kbps MP3)
Concept Of Thought – Our Thought (FLAC)
Nirvana – Something In The Way (Unplugged) (ALAC)


  1. Thanks for your review. Do you think they will work for jazz? My source is iBasso DX50

  2. thanks for the review!! How do they compare to fischer audio dba-ii ? is it an upgrade or a ''sidegrade'' ?

    1. They are an upgrade, but do have quite a different sound signature. The DBA-02 MKII have a more neutral to bright sound,, being very revealing and detailed. The DN-1000 are smoother with more body.

  3. Hmm, now trying to decide between these and the RHA MA750??

    1. DN-1000 have better cleaner sq, RHA MA-750 are more comfortable and have a warmer sound sig

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the review. Does DN-1000 sound better than Titan 1?


  5. Do they sound better than Titan 1?

    1. Yes, the DN-1000 have more body and better extension in the lows, but this is to be expected as the DN-1000 is considerably more expensive.

      The Titan 1 are excellent for the price, and the DN-1000 is a good upgrade to it though.

    2. Thanks Oscar. I always thought that Titan 1 with a couple vents covered (head-fi mod) had a very strong body, at least twice as much as stock. And then they have those super detailed highs... I think DN-1000 price is due to the fact that it's a triple driver. Which doesn't mean that it is necessarily better than a single driver.

  6. Got them and it's definitely an upgrade over Titan 1. You were right, thanks ; )

  7. 8.5 sound? Really??? I would give it a 9 at least.

  8. how would you compare this to dn-2000j?

    1. Hard comparison. The DN-2000j are brighter, more detailed and better controlled. The DN-1000 is a great all rounder with better low end response, the DN-2000j can be a little fatiguing but is more detailed and resolving.


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